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The best way to defend and hold your territory against an enemy is not necessarily to pool all of your defensive resources around your borders, but to reinforce these with additional defensive (and sometimes, offensive) counter-measures further away from your last line of defense. The data center is the last line of defense against malicious and […]

Attention Shoppers: DDoS attacks on demand, now available as a service

Repost from Yuri Frayman  Feb 3, 2015  from LinkedIn The Democratization of Cybercrime and its Dire Consequences One of the most talked-about trends in technology in recent years is “democratization”: how new technologies are providing users with powers and capabilities that were once accessible only to a select few. Wikipedia, for example, was the democratization of […]

2014 Hack Retrospective, Or Why Security Ecosystems Matter

This Article was written by by Laurent Gil (@laurentgil) from Zenedge and originally posted on Tech Crunch.   Editor’s note: Laurent Gil co-founded Zenedge after witnessing a major DDoS attack where cyber-terrorists took down a colleague’s company network for several days, costing the organization $1.2 million in revenue.   The “Year of the Hack” will probably be […]

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